Friday, December 26, 2008

It's All Yours...

"Give Me $100 and I'll Give You Access to Every Investment
Recommendation, Special Report, Conference Call, and
Investment Research Service We Produce"

NOTE: Offer Expires
Midnight December 31st.

Dear IDE Reader,

It may sound a bit unbelievable that we'd give away everything we've ever published for only $100.

But let me assure you that this is exactly what we intend to do.

In uncertain times, you need to stay flexible. The ability to use different approaches to investing - all with a solid track record of performing – will let you cash-in when most investors are scared to death.

That's why we're extending an offer for you to try out all of our research reports… all of our top-notch investment services… and every teleconference we ever publish for just $100 out of pocket.

These are the same services and advisories that led our loyal readers to gains like…

  • 308% and 121% in two solar energy companies
  • 214% in a silicon manufacturer
  • 210% in a steel manufacturer
  • 219% in an established uranium mining company
  • 129% in the leading GPS system maker
  • 176% in calls on a pharmaceutical company
  • 204% in puts on a leading network equipment provider
  • 158% in puts on a leading airline company
  • 111% in a leading semiconductor company
  • 101% in one of the world's leading mining companies
  • 256% in calls on a leading biopharmaceutical company
  • 178% in puts on the Diamonds ETF
  • 102% in a little-known heavy equipment manufacturer
  • 97% in an outsourcing and IT provider
  • 86% in a discount retailer
  • 187% in puts on a leading network infrastructure company
  • 70% in a construction and infrastructure materials company
  • 66% in a high-tech equipment manufacturer

I can't come up with a better way to spend $100. Especially once you consider that only one or two of our advisory services could've made you money all year long.

  • Take the Red Flag Insider. Many of our readers paid $1,495 a year for this. But in just the first three months they unlocked gains of 148%, 105%, and 57%. And every position closed has been a winner. Reader Brian R. even said "Thanks to you, I was able to pocket 100% in a down market."
  • Or the KISS Trading Education Course, a $1,795 investment program. Since February, readers were able to unlock 11 triple-digit winners alone. And that's on top of the countless double-digit winners.

In essence, what I'm offering you is a way to join an elite inner-circle of top-notch business owners, entrepreneurs, and investment professionals.

And all at a price that is lower than we've ever offered before.

For less than the price of an iPod, you could gain access to recommendations that have helped double... and even triple the investments that some of our readers have made.

For just $100, you'll gain access to all ten of our advisory letters:

INCOME… The Wealth Advantage… The Red Flag Insider… Asia Business & Investing… The Velocity Strategy… The Bond Trader… Resource Windfall Speculator… The Optionist… Rising Tide… and the KISS Investing Course.

And you could even be entitled to receive everything we ever publish in the future, absolutely free.

I'll explain all the qualifications, so you can make sure you're eligible.

There is one catch though…

This offer will expire on December 31st. No exceptions or extensions granted. So you must get in before that day.

On February 1st We Expect to
Refund Every Subscription You've Purchased from Us

It's pretty simple. On February 1st we expect to give hundreds of our subscribers a full refund for any subscription they ever purchased from us.

It doesn't matter if you still have months remaining on your subscriptions. If you want, we'll give you back every penny you've spent with us in the past.

What we're doing here is not routine. But that won't stop us from doing it.

It doesn't matter if the subscription was $49 or $3,000. You're still eligible to receive a full and prompt refund, with no questions asked.

  • For example, James Herlitz paid $1,274 for three subscriptions. He received a full refund for all three.
  • Paul Stroner spent over $2,593 with us. And he also received a full refund for everything he ever bought.

Times are tough. Without our help, they could get even tougher.

That's why we thought the best way we could help you get through the coming economic depression, is by giving you all of your money back, if you're entitled.

But remember, you only have until December 31st to take advantage of this.

Let me explain why we're doing this and how you could qualify to receive a full refund for everything you've purchased.

Why We're Giving You Back Every Dime You Spent With Us

The team at Investor's Daily Edge has created a unique chance for you to join every one of our successful readers… and lock in the gains they enjoy regularly… for only $100.

Then on February 1st, our VIP liaison will review your account and issue you a full and prompt refund for any subscription you've ever purchased from us in the past.

It's that easy.

The process is fully automatic. You won't have to do a thing.

If you've never bought a thing from us in the past, don't sweat it.

You're still able to check-out every single thing Investor's Daily Edge publishes for only $100.

But we're closing the doors on this after December 31st.

By claiming this today, you'll join our most elite group of readers… The Wealth Society.

When you join The Wealth Society, we'll send you a full and prompt refund for any service or report you've bought from us in the past.

It doesn't matter if you bought it last month or last year. If you paid to receive any of our research, you'll get your money back.

And if you've never bought a thing from us, you're still entitled to this.

If you decide to try out the Wealth Society today, you just have to fork over the small sum of $100 for a sneak peak.

When you  decide to stick with the Wealth Society after your 30-day trial period, you'll receive all of our research services, all of our investment recommendations, conference calls and special reports, free for life.

And in the end, becoming a Wealth Society member could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

That's because anytime we release a new product or service, you get it absolutely free.

Best part is, right now we're making an offer that is simply irresistible. Because we want you to have the best deal possible… and help you save as much money as you can in this market.

We'll do that by letting you check out the Wealth Society for only $100.

And then beginning February 1st, we plan to give you a full refund for any investment research service, special report, or conference call you've purchased from us in the past.

But I'd hate for you to miss-out on this offer. If you claim your membership by December 31st, we'll guarantee you a seat at the table.

I'll let you know exactly what you get as a member, how The Wealth Society works, and how to try it out for only $100 (and get a total refund, if you're entitled).

11 IDE Trading Services at Your Fingertips

As a Wealth Society member you will receive all of our best services, products, benefits and privileges for as long as they are published. Let me tell you about the services we currently offer…

Research Alert Service #1:

You may be familiar with Rick Pendergraft, our top options trading expert. But let me tell you a little more about his Keep it Simple System.

There are plenty of experts out there who will provide you with investment and trading recommendations. But very few are willing to pull back the curtain, leave nothing uncovered, and show you precisely how to do it yourself. Rick is willing to do both.

When the K.I.S.S. package arrives, all you have to do is sit back at your computer and relax as Rick reveals step-by-step, how to recognize the patterns in the market that lead to fast gains... and then teaches you to make surgical, precision strikes to capture those returns.

In addition to the K.I.S.S. video training course on CD-ROM, Rick will also share his absolute best weekly trading recommendations.

The strategies are simple to learn. And the gains are as real as it gets. Already this year, K.I.S.S. subscribers have had a chance to lock in gains of 256%... 158%...  204%... 129%... 187%... in a matter of weeks.

Add these results to the overall 152% average gain Rick produced last year on a total of 60 recommendations and it's obvious that the K.I.S.S. system can be extremely profitable.

After more than 20 years in financial publishing, Rick is one of the best analysts I have ever known. It's amazing that he agreed to share his every secret, leaving nothing out along the way.

With K.I.S.S. you'll get easy-to-follow, step-by-step teaching that you could use to create consistent, automated income. And you'll also get the very best plays that Rick uncovers for you.

It's like teaching you to fish... and handing you fish at the same time.

  • Total Cost: $2,885 per year.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Research Alert Service #2:


Great call on these puts! 

I was able to get out at $6.30, giving me a gain of 90%.

With these whipsaw markets options are the only thing I will sleep with.

Thanks for your great research and service.

Raymond B.

While many try to hit the jackpot with the latest ‘insider' trading scheme, you could be quietly pocketing thousands of dollars every month…

I'm talking about the power to pocket up to $5,492 on average every month for the next six months straight.

And Andrew Gordon has the secret you simply must find out about.

Andrew researched the effect that a powerful ‘Red Flag' announcement can have on stocks in a falling market. He found that 92% of the S&P 500 companies that made this announcement for the first time in 2008, were down significantly within 90-days.

By using options to play these falling stocks readers have seen gains like…

  • 148% on CapitalSource Financial
  • 57% on Macquerie Infrastructure
  • 105% on Bank of America

Result? In just seven months time you could have more than doubled your money on companies that issue this ‘Red Flag'… averaging $5,492 every month for seven months straight!

  • Total Cost: $1,995 per year.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Research Alert Service #3:

Many investors believe you have to take big risks to make big gains. In fact, just the opposite is true, as Warren Buffett has clearly shown. In most cases, the biggest gains over time come from the safest stocks.

Hi Andrew:

Great job on this trade. I was able to short NMX at around $130.70 and bought to close at around $121. Good profit for a weeks work.

Keep this coming.

Kind Regards
Wan C.

And with an eagle-eye for deep value, IDE analyst Andrew Gordon will lead you right to them.

He successfully called the Bull Run in solar energy companies. He recommended that his readers buy SunPower and Suntech to capitalize on the trend.

Less than a year later, subscribers to The Wealth Advantage had the chance to capture gains of 308% and 146% on those two companies.

Andrew also identified the rise of nuclear energy as a mega-trend that would bring substantial profits.

Wealth Advantage subscribers were rewarded with 220% gains in a company called Energy Metals.

Another safe rocket stock was a company called Bucyrus, which caught a ride on THREE of the world's largest bull markets:

  • The China bull market
  • The commodities bull market, and
  • The oil sands bull market

Wealth Advantage subscribers made more than 108% on that particular recommendation.

With a vast knowledge of business and geopolitics and a trader's sense of timing, Andrew Gordon is in a class by himself when it comes to picking stocks. And his conservative approach means that you receive the lowest risk ways to make triple-digit gains.

  • Total Cost: $995 per year
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Research Alert Service #4:

Very few investors ever experience the thrill of a 500% or 1,000% winner. Dr. Russell McDougal has achieved these kinds of results dozens of times.

In the past five years, he has already achieved gains of 3,851%... 2,912%... 2,445%... 1,671%. Not to mention unrealized gains of 3,460% and a whopping 5,131%...!

How does he do it? He invests in the commodities bull market. Specifically, the companies that locate and produce the natural resources that the world desperately demands... resources like oil, natural gas, uranium, copper and, of course... gold and silver.

With the dollar in a long-term downtrend and developing countries demanding greater amounts of raw materials each day, the commodities super-cycle is a trend with a long time yet to run.

So, don't get left behind. Join the IDE Wealth Society and get Dr. McDougal's latest ace recommendations in his elite research publication, Resource Windfall Speculator.

  • Total Cost: $1,795 per year.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Research Alert Service #5:

100 years of stock market history tells us that the best long-term strategy (by far) is to buy solid, dividend paying companies, hold them for the long term and reinvest the dividends.

In fact, dividends have accounted for nearly two out of every three dollars returned by the S&P 500 over the past 3 decades.

Just consider the success you could have had in just the last decade. Had you invested in dividend paying stocks from 1995 to 2005, you could have raked in returns of:

404% in ACE Limited ... 1,018% in Doral Financial ... 930% in First National Lincoln ... 1,011% in Harley-Davidson... 256% in Johnson & Johnson... 967% in Linear Technology... 319% in McDonald's... 1,365% in Paychex...

The list goes on and on.

And with every passing day looking like the U.S. economy is entering a recession... there has never been a better time than NOW to put a sizable portion of your portfolio into solid, income producing investments.

INCOME is a monthly research service led by Andrew Gordon whose sole purpose is to uncover the safest and most profitable income investment opportunities in the market.

I'm not talking about pocketing 2% from a t-bill. I'm talking about a safe way to make 7%... 8%... 10% yields... with the expectation of capital gains to boot.

In fact, using his conservative approach his readers have pocketed gains of 82%... 32%... 38%... 59%...30%... 42%... 37%... 26%... and 39%.

Not too bad for a safe bunch of dividend stocks...

  • Total Cost: $99 per year
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Research Alert Service #6:

When you hear the term "value investing", you might imagine scrawny six and seven percent returns. The truth is that deep value opportunities can represent your best opportunity for BIG gains... with very limited risk.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think Jones Soda would go from $4.40 a share to $31!  I had never even heard of this company before you recommended it.  I cashed out and am going to Jamaica!"

-Rachel W. Wichita, KS


New York Times best-selling author John Mauldin yet again, from a weekly column:

"Lynn Carpenter, is a no-nonsense value oriented stock picker with a solid track record… I have always been a big fan…"

Rising Tide Letter is a monthly research service, edited by renowned value authority Lynn Carpenter. You might know Lynn as the former editor of the world-famous Fleet Street Letter or as an Advisory Panelist for The Oxford Club.

Lynn has been trusted by tens of thousands of readers for years... and for good reason.

Her specialty is finding value stocks that behave like growth stocks. During the last market crisis, from 2000 to 2003, she positioned her subscribers for a plethora of hefty gains including 138% in H&R Block... 151% in Guitar Center... 144% in San Juan Royalty Trust... 155% in Sovran Self Storage... 224% in Centex... among many more.

And you thought value investing was boring?

More recently, subscribers have enjoyed 70% in Middleby Corp... 66% in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters... and 87% in Fording Canadian Coal.

If you're looking for stocks with a very limited downside, that are coiled like a spring and ready to take off, look no further than Lynn Carpenter's Rising Tide Letter.

  • Total Cost: $99 per year.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Research Alert Service #7:
The Velocity Strategy

While investing in the stock market can yield great rewards, sometimes you need the flexibility to trade something else.

What I'm talking about is a market that is open nearly 24 hours a day (23 and a half, to be exact). And it gives you the same leverage of options, but with the liquidity of the money markets.

You enter and exit plays quickly too. Rarely do you hold onto a position overnight. Yet the gains you could make in just a few short hours are nothing short of phenomenal.

This isn't the Foreign Exchange market either. This is a market that has until recently, been used by only the professionals. But volume is now exploding, and options expert Rick Pendergraft has been testing the waters.

How did he do? In the first nine months of beta testing (in his own account – talk about putting your money where your mouth is) he made 97% returns overall.

And now he wants you to join him in The Velocity Strategy.

When you sign up for to The Velocity Strategy you will receive...

  • The Velocity Strategy Trading Service: Rick Pendergraft will personally deliver you the recommendations that will put your portfolio's profits on overdrive.  You'll be told when to get into a trade...when to get out.  You'll be given the exact instructions to make with your online account or to read to a broker over the phone.  These trade recommendations will be delivered directly to your email inbox. You can also set up your account to deliver the recommendations to your cell phone for even quicker delivery.
  • The Velocity Strategy Website: Here you will receive the analysis on the picks, Rick & Tom's blog to discuss market conditions and ripe opportunities for you to profit, video commentary on each recommendation and critical market reports.

If you're looking to move into a different market where the gains are bigger and the risk is minimal, then The Velocity Strategy is a must.

  • Total Cost: $1,188 per year.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Research Alert Service #8:

I've already introduced you to Lynn Carpenter, the renowned value authority. But you have yet to meet Lynn Carpenter, the charting guru and options expert.

It's true. Lynn is probably just as well known for her winning ways in fast-moving options as she is for picking long-term value stocks. In fact, I would challenge you to find anyone in financial publishing with such stellar credentials and a stunning track record of success.

Here's a sample...

373% GE 159% Dick's Sporting Goods 
116% Crocs 153% Juniper Networks 
113% Crown Castle 233% Circuit City
100% Callaway Golf 210% UST Inc.
107% First Solar 368% Crocs 
108% Burlington Northern 178% Amazon 
188% Pool Corp. 121% Heinz 
185% IMClone 106% Fannie Mae 
220% Fuel Cell Energy 119% Abercrombie & Fitch 
130% Merck 200% RSA Security 
112% CDC Corp. 133% Barnes & Noble 

Whether you're new to options or have traded for years, The Optionist gives you all you need to hunt triple-digit gains. And most recommendations even come with a more conservative play on the same option.

If you love stock market excitement and the huge rewards that can accompany it... don't miss The Optionist.

  • Total Cost: $995 per year.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Research Alert Service #9:

Are you excited by the prospect of investing in China and Asia?

You should be. Just about every economic trend indicates a long-term slowdown in the U.S. economy, with a shifting of economic power to the East.

This is the kind of mega-trend that can make you wealthy. And you'll be glad to know that Investor's Daily Edge has on staff a veteran China investment authority with the on-the-ground connections to put you ahead of the investing pack.

Andrew Carpenter has so many Chinese entry visas, he had to have extra pages added to his passport. And all those face to face contacts have sure paid off...

Andrew's publication, Asia Business & Investing has delivered a stunning string of stock gains (not options) including 562%... 300%... 383%... 197%... 149%... 123%... and 102%... all closed on the SAME DAY!

Currently subscribers are sitting on even more staggering gains, including: 624%... 171%... 196%... 100%...  132%... 154%... and 430%. And all this is just a harbinger of the future.

If you want to grab your share of the powerful, sustained profits that spring so regularly from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan - in fact, from all across Asia, don't miss a single issue of Asia Business & Investing.

  • Total Cost: $99 per year.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Research Service #10:
The Bond Trader

Do you want the opportunity to make safe, 65% gains while you lay on the beach in some exotic location? Who doesn't, right?

The amazing thing about the credit crisis is that it is handing you an amazing opportunity to make safe, legally obligated income for very little work at all.

In fact, with these opportunities, it's quite possible to become a millionaire within the next five years!

Legendary Bond Trader Steve McDonald will show you exactly how it's done with The Bond Trader. Steve has already shown his readers how to get legally obligated gains of 120%, 102%, and 73% in a little over a year's time.

These aren't junk bonds either. These are investment graded bonds backed by strong, cash-producing companies in a wide array of industries. In fact, they have a 99.77% safety rate  And Steve ensures that their interest payments are spread out to ensure a steady flow of income directly to you.

If you are wise enough to join today what you can expect to receive is...

  • 24-36 Bond Recommendations a Year
  • Weekly Commentary on the Market and Open Bond Positions
  • 24/7 Buy/Sell Alerts
  • Cell Phone Alerts

As you can see, all the work is done for you.  All you need to do is make a simple phone call than you can hang up and prepare a martini for you and your significant other (unless its 10 A.M, you may prefer Mimosas than). 
The rest of the day is yours.

  • Total Cost: $1,495 per year.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Consider the Total Value of the
Services You will Receive

That's quite a lineup. And as an IDE Wealth Society member, you'll get every recommendation and update issued by each one of these services... this year, and for years to come.

Just consider the total value of the existing services we publish...

K.I.S.S. Investing $2,885
Red Flag Insider $1,995
The Wealth Advantage $995
Resource Windfall Speculator $1,795
Rising Tide Letter $99
The Optionist $995
Asian Business & Investing $99
The Bond Trader $1,495
The Velocity Strategy $1,188

As a Wealth Society member every one of these services are yours... for life!

But that's not all. We are always on the lookout for what will be working in the market in the months and years ahead. We will continue to add to our services, keeping our commitment to show you the way to safe gains, no matter what comes.

And in case you wonder why it makes sense to have all of these services, there's a very good reason...

Diversity... Protection... and Profit Potential!

Each research service employs a different market strategy, targeting opportunities in a rapidly changing investment landscape.

The Investor's Daily Edge analysts diversify their recommended portfolios across different sectors and industries and in markets around the world. They recommend long and short positions, long-term investment opportunities and short-term plays. And they recommend options, and even e-mini futures to lock in spectacular gains and hedge against risk.

By having all of these services at hand, you will always have the right tool at the right time, helping you to achieve consistent gains in ANY market.

And you'll never be left hanging. We follow every recommendation daily. So you'll get immediate alerts when it's time to exit the trades and lock in gains.

The total value of our existing services is $11,645 for just one year. But that's not nearly all of what you will receive...

Dozens of Up-to-the-Minute Investment Reports - Yours FREE

You've seen all of the research services you will receive as an IDE Wealth Society member. But this is still just a fraction of your benefits.

You can also count on a continual stream of up-to-the-minute, special situation reports with detailed investment recommendations. Here is just a sample...

Report #1: The Next Big Thing

`12The stock featured in this report represents what I believe to be your very best opportunity to make better than a 1,000% return without taking huge risks!

Andrew Gordon, who wrote the report, believes that this is a multi-billion dollar tech company in the making... and yet its market cap is just over $200 million. You could think of this company as an up-and-coming Intel - because their products can be incorporated into a multitude of electronic devices.

In fact, the company has more than 100 patents that cover several potentially billion dollar applications, including:

  • Tiny laser projectors that can be embedded in a cell phone to project DVD quality images and video on any surface
  • Full-color, see through eyewear displays... whether you want to watch a movie privately while on a flight... view documents on the go... or play video games in 3-D... just throw on your stylish eyewear displays.
  • Heads up displays (HUD) in automobiles... imagine full-color, daylight readable driving directions and vehicle information of your choice projected in front of you

Today, you can buy shares of this company for less than $2. But don't delay because this stock could be heading up in a hurry!

  • Total Cost: $199.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Report #2: Sector Outlook 2008/2009 -
The Ultimate Annual Investment Guide

What if a very simple tool could tell you in five minutes or less whether the stock you're interested in is cheap or expensive... and whether you should buy or sell? There is such a tool, and you'll find it in Lynn Carpenter's Annual Investment Guide.

The price to earnings ratio (P/E) is the most often used number to measure a stock's value. But most people don't know the secret rule of P/E. It is a powerful edge that Wall Street's best in-house analysts don't share.

What is far more important than the P/E ratio alone, is where a particular company's P/E stands relative to other companies in the same sector... and where it stands relative to the historic norm for that company and its own sector.

Don't worry. It's all very simple. And everything you need to know is laid out in the Annual Investment Guide. In this up to date report, Lynn breaks down virtually every major sector and industry group, showing you the sector average P/E as well as their 10 year norms.

You'll know which sectors should be on the rise, which are due for a fall... and in five minutes or less, you can determine whether a stock you're looking at is relatively undervalued... or overvalued.

This major research report gives you professional-level information even your broker doesn't even have. Use it properly, and it could be worth thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Total Cost: $199.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Report #3: Brazil's Hidden Gem:
An Exploration "Mutual Fund" in a Single Stock

`12Dr. Russell McDougal knows a thing or two about making money in natural resource exploration stocks. Over the past several years he has pocketed profits in his own accounts of:

    • 5,000% in Silvercorp Metals
    • 3,400% in Altius Minerals
    • 2,445% in AfriOre Limited
    • 1,330% in Excellon Resources

    Not to mention dozens of gains of "only" a few hundred percent. Quite simply, Dr. McDougal is one of the world's most successful private speculators.

And that's why I paid particular attention when he told me he found a company that could be his best investment recommendation so far... a stock poised to deliver more than $10 for every $1 you invest today.

This company controls DOZENS of properties in the under-explored country of Brazil. Owning this stock is like holding a veritable mutual fund of resource exploration... a mutual fund with a multiple thousand percent upside potential.

  • Total Cost: $199.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Report #4: The Value Primer:
Myths and Truths of Value Investing

Every time a bubble bursts, value investors can hardly contain their smiles. That's because they stand ready to cash in on embarrassingly good profits. True value investors buy low... they don't buy shoddy.

In this report by renowned value analyst Lynn Carpenter, you'll discover just where growth fits into the value quotient. You'll also understand the lies about price that academics prove time and again— only to see it fail miserably in real money situations.

You'll know what is a reasonable P/E ratio for a grocery store and a software company and just about any business in between.

  • Total Cost: $99.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Report #5: The 5,000% Secret:
Uncovering the Perfect Exploration Stocks

`12In this report, Dr. Russell McDougal will give you a complete reference guide to the principles of investing in natural resource exploration companies. Quite simply, this information simply doesn't appear all in one place anywhere else but this report.

This is a summary of everything he has learned in more than a decade in this sector. You'll learn when to take your money to safety... the best way to scale in and out of your positions... where to place your buy and sell orders... and much more. And you'll also learn which brokers Dr. McDougal recommends most highly.

  • Total Cost: $99.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

These reports offer a significant value, in addition to your ongoing monthly subscriptions. But this is by no means all you will receive. You will also receive the following profit-hunting reports:

  1. The Two Best Medical Stocks for 2008 and Beyond
  2. Embrace the Bear: Waiting for the Bull Could Cost You a Fortune
  3. The Most Important Biotech Ever
  4. The Miracle Material: Ridiculous Gains from Carbon Fiber
  5. Speculator's Guide: How to Trade the Juniors like a Pro
  6. The Best ETF to Own this Year
  7. The Options Success Guide
  8. How to Ride Sector Waves to Big Profits
  9. Learning from a Legend: How the World's Best Investor Made His Billions

When you add up the total value of the reports you will receive with your membership in the IDE Wealth Society it comes to at least $1,500.

But quite honestly, the real value is in the ideas and recommendations that you will receive. In that sense, it is impossible to put a price tag on this information.
And don't forget that Investor's Daily Edge will produce a dozen reports in the year ahead... and the year after... and the year after.

Without membership in the Wealth Society, it would cost you thousands of dollars to access these reports. As an IDE Wealth Society member they are all yours.

Special Situation Teleconferences - Yours FREE

Sometimes, opportunities arise that are so urgent there is no time to write a special report to present it to you . In fact, sometimes it is just better to give you the details first hand.

In situations like this we convey the recommendations via conference call. These calls normally sell for $100, and we frequently max out all the lines we have available.

But as an IDE Wealth Society member, that won't matter because you will have...

VIP Access to All Special Situation Teleconferences

These calls can be VERY profitable. Let me give you an example...

At the beginning of 2007, I asked four of our investment analysts, Rick Pendergraft, Andrew Gordon and Jon Herring to host a teleconference and provide a report on their #1 stock recommendation for the year.

The call immediately sold out, and was worth every penny for those who attended. The three stocks recommended on the call were Southern Copper, Suntech Power Holdings, and Microvision.

Take a look at the maximum return for each of these stocks that year:

  • Southern Copper - 202%
  • Suntech - 150%
  • Microvision - 98%

These stocks pulled back from their highs, considering all the turmoil in the markets toward the end of last year. But Southern Copper and Suntech both ended the year up more than 100%... while Microvision was up 50%.

Quite a nice return in a year where the S&P 500 returned less than 4%.

In the year ahead we intend to host at least half a dozen special situation teleconference calls, each one valued at $100.

  • Total Cost: $600
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Exclusive Wealth Society  Members Only Benefits

As a member of the IDE Wealth Society you will also benefit from privileges that are not available to regular subscribers.

Members Only Stock Recommendations

We recommend the very best opportunities we uncover with our subscribers. But there are times when we discover extraordinary opportunities that are too illiquid to share with thousands of subscribers. Mention these shares to a large group and the price could soar overnight.

Other times we come across highly attractive companies that only trade on a foreign exchange. Often these situations are not appropriate for most of our subscribers to invest in.

But when these opportunities are too good to pass up we will share them with members of the Wealth Society. It is just one more benefit that is all yours.

  • Total Cost: $500
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

Members Only Dinners and Receptions

The IDE team frequently participates in various investment conferences around the country. And when we do, we host dinners and receptions for members of the Wealth Society.

This is your chance to meet the team face to face and really get to know the analysts who are poring over the markets on your behalf. As a member of the Wealth Society, you will never pay a penny for these events... they are on us!

  • Total Cost: $250 per year.
  • Wealth Society Members: FREE.

A Review of Your Six-Figure Benefits Package

So now you know everything that comes with your membership in the IDE Wealth Society, and it's quite a lot. So just to recap, here's a quick overview.

Lifetime subscription to 10 stock investment research services

  1. Rick Pendergraft's K.I.S.S. Investing (Value: $2,885 per year)

  2. Andy Gordon's Red Flag Insider (Value: $1,995 per year)

  3. Andrew Gordon's Wealth Advantage (Value: $995 per year)

  4. Dr. Rusty McDougal's Resource Windfall Speculator (Value: $1,795 per year)

  5. Andrew Gordon's INCOME (Value: $99 per year)

  6. Lynn Carpenter's Rising Tide Letter (Value: $99 per year)

  7. Rick Pendergraft's Velocity Strategy (Value: $1,188 per year)

  8. Lynn Carpenter's The Optionist (Value: $995 per year)

  9. Andrew C. Carpenter's Asian Business & Investing (Value: $99)

  10. Steve McDonalds Bond Trader (Value:$1,495 per year)

  11. Lifetime subscription to annual investment reports (Value: $1,500 per year)

  12. Lifetime subscription to 6 annual teleconference calls (Value: $600 per year)

And as a special bonus, you will also receive...

  • Members Only Stock Picks (Value: $500 per year)
  • Members Only Dinners and Receptions (Value: $250 per year)

If you could take advantage of each one of these profitable services and reports separately, they would be worth $14,495.

But that's just for one year... then you would have to renew your subscriptions all over again the next year. And don't forget that every year... including this year... we will be adding new services to our lineup and new experts to our board of analysts.

After five years, your membership in all of these services would be worth more than $72,475.

And even that would be a very good deal.

But don't forget that the yearly value of this offer will increase each and every year as we launch new services, publish updated reports, and add additional options trading research services.

But I'm certainly not going to ask you to pay $72,475 to join the IDE Wealth Society. Nor will I ask you to pay the $14,495 annual value of all of these benefits either.

In fact, you won't even pay half of that amount.

So what will it cost you to join the
Investor's Daily Edge Wealth Society?

Here's how the whole thing will work:

1) You will make a one-time preview payment today of $100 for the Wealth Society.

2) Try your Wealth Society mebership for the next 30 days, to make sure that you are comfortable with all the recommendations and profitable opportunities that come your way. We think you'll get used to them.

3) As soon as your 30-day trial is up, we will charge you a one-time initiation fee of $4,400 to stay a Wealth Society member.

4) Our liaison will then give you a call to welcome you. And if you're eligible, they will give you a full refund for any services you've purchased from IDE in the past (up to $4,400).

5) If you've spent more than $4,400 with IDE, you will essentially become a Wealth Society member absolutely free.

6) Each year after, you will pay a maintenance fee of $149, to cover the rising costs of printing, postage and customer service.

7) And because this is such a special offer, after we issue you a refund for your previously bought services, your 30-day trial period is up and the window for refunds closes.

In your first year alone, you'll save $9,995. And your subscription NEVER EXPIRES.

The value of this offer is unparalleled. And given the track records these services have produced, the odds are good that you could have the opportunity to earn the entire cost of your lifetime membership well within your first year.

If you already subscribe to one or several services we publish, it makes good sense to become a member of the Wealth Society.

You'll get more services, more recommendations, greater diversification... and you get all of this for life!

And in case you want to know how you'll manage all your new services, the answer is very simply.

You'll have all of Your IDE Wealth Society
Research Services in One Location

With your Membership, you will also get UNLIMITED FREE ACCESS to the Wealth Society Website. There, you will find every publication... every current recommendation... every research report... every recorded conference call... every track record...

All of this will be archived for your convenience, with just one log-in and password to access the site.

And of course you'll also receive an email alert each time we issue a recommendation or a close out. It couldn't get any easier or more convenient than this...

Why You Have to Act NOW

If you're ready to begin receiving all of these benefits, there's only one thing you need to do... act today.

We will only extend this offer until December 31st. And since we are adding so many new products in 2009, we might not be able to offer it at this low price ever again.

Your Only Risk Is That This Offer Won't Last

So, just click the subscribe button below to join. Or if you prefer, you can call our customer service desk at 877-465-1416. They'll be happy to answer any questions.

Membership in the IDE Wealth Society means having the world's best investment research and recommendations diligently researched and clearly presented. You simply cannot get investment intelligence of this caliber anywhere else.

I look forward to welcoming you as a member.


MaryEllen Tribby
Investor's Daily Edge
December 2008


P.S. Make an investment in your future wealth, and click the button below or call 877-465-1416 to join the Investor's Daily Edge Wealth Society today!

P.P.S. I don't know whether you inherited or earned your wealth. But I do know that you wish to multiply your fortune and pass it on. And I also know that you want those to whom you pass your wealth to be good stewards of it.

That's why your membership in the IDE Wealth Society is an asset that you can pass along to the next generation. But it's even better than that, because what you are really passing along are the skills and knowledge necessary to manage and grow the legacy of wealth you have worked so hard to build!




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